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صنعتگر گرامی، جهت استعلام قیمت و مشاهده شرایط پرداخت باید وارد سایت شوید.

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The smart1325 CNC is one of the smart machines designed for cutting, and engraving on wood and metal. The various advantages of this machine come together to make it one of the best choices made by the wood industry. The price is very convenient and amazing for the device, which you can call it with the numbers of Mullen, which is at the top of the site. The power of the servo motor, which is superior to other motors in terms of precision and speed, 4 automatic switching tools, possibility of ordering manual hand wheel for remote control, and automatic tool reset, are some of the features this device has.
Not to mention the dimensions of the device that should not be overlooked. This machine is available in the working environment of 230 * 1300 * 2500 mm, that you must, of course, have an area in addition to the area of the machine for the placement of tools, work pieces etc. Other specifications of the machine, such as how the axes are transmitted, the power and speed of the spindle, etc., are summarized in the table below, suggesting that carefully look at it in order to make sure that it meets your needs.
نیروی محرکه


تعویض ابزار اتوماتیک

Yes. Linear Automatic Tools Changing. 4 Tools.

کنترل صنعتی


هندویل دستی


صفر کننده اتوماتیک ابزار


سرعت پیشروی

45 M/MIN

نوع میز


توان وکیوم میز

7.5 kw, Water Circulation.

ریل های راهنمای محور X.Y.Z

Cubic, Taiwan.

نحوه انتقال نیروی محورهایX.Y

German/Taiwan Diagonal Pinion Gear

نیروی انتقال محورZ

TBI Ballscrew, Taiwan.


11 kw, Delta, Taiwan.


18.5 KW

ابعاد محیط کار

230*1300*2500 mm

سرعت دوران اسپیندل


توان اسپیندل

6 kw, Air Cooling, Italy Technology.


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