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صنعتگر گرامی، جهت استعلام قیمت و مشاهده شرایط پرداخت باید وارد سایت شوید.

لوازم یدکی این دستگاه را میخواهید بخرید؟ روی دکمه زیر کلیک کنید!

Am2040c is a customizable machine that gives the customer the opportunity to order a product exactly as they like as other as its AM family. Some of the customizable features of the machine are as follow:

Possibility to order in any size and any number of spindle head and rotary

Possibility to order as a single-phase power supply

Possibility to assemble a rotary axis to work on round work pieces

with a 6KW cool air spindle from advanced technology of Italy and with 18000 RPM speed, stepper motor which perform in cutting operations, 20 MPM travelling speed, and a vacuum table with 7.5KW running water power; this device is ready to be delivered to those who want to increase their production rate. To inform yourself of other specifications of the device please check the characteristic table we have provided for you.

توان اسپیندل

6 KW, Air Cooling, Italy Technology.

سرعت دوران اسپیندل


ابعاد محیط کار

4000*2000*120 mm

نیروی محرکه


کنترلر سیستم

PC, Nc Studio Program.

نوع میز


توان وکیوم میز

7.5 kw, Water Circulation.

سرعت پیشروی

20 m/min

ریل های راهنما

25 MM, Cubic

نحوه انتقال نیروی محورهایX.Y

Diagonal Taiwan Pinion Gear

نحوه انتقال نیروی محورZ

Ballscrew, Taiwan.


13.5 KW

وزن خالص

2500 KG


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