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CNC machines from the optima series are the most equipped and advanced CNC machines that are distributed and supplied by Mollen to the active market for wood and metal industries in the country. Combining many of the features of this device, it has become one of the most trusted CNCs. The Optima2040 is delivered in the 2*4 meter size to the wood industry, with 9 kWh of air-cooled spindle from Italys finest technology, with a capacity of 24000 rpm. These spindle specification values give the machine the ability to penetrate every level of thickness and any kind of wood. The servomotor propulsion engine, due to the feedbacks given in each round of operation, makes the machining operations more accurate and faster than the stepper motor operators, and also produces less noise. The type of vacuum table with a circulating water of 7.5 kW, the transmission of axial forces X, Y and the Z-axle transmission force provided respectively by the diagonal pinion gear of Germany and the German ball screw, an excellent speed of 60 meters per minute, and ability to reset tools automatically are great features that distinguishes this device from other CNC devices.

The Optima 2040 machine with the ability to carry eight instruments simultaneously is one of the most advanced and smartest machines for engraving designs and two-dimensional and three-dimensional wood carving operations on flat surfaces and curves. Since the CNC device features are not just the summaries mentioned in the text, we provide a video for you to better understand the way this machine works, and have a table so that the user can act as consciously as possible in case of buying this device from Mollen Company.



Spindle Power

9 kw, Water Cooling

Spindle Rotation Speed


Working Size

230* 1300* 2500 mm



Motion Controller


Manual Handwheel


Mobile Calibrator


Traveling Speed
Table Type


Vacuum Power

Water Circulation, 7.5 kw.

Linear Guides

Cubic, Taiwan.

X,Y Axis Transmission

Pinion Gear

Z Axis Transmission



18.5 KW


2400 KG


11 KW Delta, Taiwan.


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