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The melamine press, in a modern and efficient manner, is in the process of bonding the coating of different materials. The Hot Press scla, according to the customers requirements, is in different dimensions, for example, two standard sizes of 1220 x 2440  and 1830*3660 mm which Mollen supplies with an unconditional of one-year warranty (even burning ellectrical parts). How to differentiate the melamine presses with each other, first is in size, which is mentioned above, and second in the number of different jacks and in the amount of pressure by which the press operation is performed.

Todays melamine press has a wide range of coatings, both in decorative and solidity. The hot press scla line is made up of the finest parts of the brand, the electrical components of the Schneider France, and the Mitsubishi PLC control unit, which is operated by the oil circulation, high temperature and high pressure, and with high force coating. The rest of the devices features are listed in the below, which lets you get a better understanding of how the machine works, and how it fit your needs.


Hot Press sclc

Board Size

3660*1830 MM

Main Cylinders Diameter


Main Cylinders

12 pieces

Air Pressure

41 kg/cm^2

Main Cylinders Brand


Lifting Cylinders Diameter


Lifting Cylinders

4 pieces

Hydraulic System Pressure

25 MPA

Upper Jaw Dimensions

160*3850*2000 MM

Lower Jaw Dimensions

140*3850*2000 MM

Production Capacity

1200 Boards

Heated Fluid




Other Electrical Parts


Hydraulic Pumps


Hydraulic Valves



80 tons


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