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This hotline press release, called Hot Press sclb, like the other Mollen products line, has a large range of customizations that can be ordered in a variety of ways, for example, two standard sizes of 1240 x 2440 mm and 1830×3660 mm, And in the number of machine jacks, which each and every one of them puts a different pressure on the paste. The operation of this production line, as the hot extension indicates on its name, performs its work on a very high temperature, which is supplied by the circulation of oil, which in some cases the pressure applied to press is from 2800 to 300 tons.

The melamine press lines can be used for bonding the coating to a wide range of materials, such as glueing a melamine paper on MDF, and a chipboard and polywood in different thicknesses. The weight of this machine is 80 tons, with 12 cylinders with a capacity of 1200 boards. These items can help you choose the right device for your need. For a more detailed view of the specification, you can look at the list below.


Hot Press scl B

سایز تخته

3660*1830 MM

قطر سیلندرهای اصلی


تعداد سیلندرهای اصلی

12 pieces

فشار وارده بر هر سانتیمتر مربع

41 kg/cm^2

برند سیلندر های اصلی


قطر سیسلندر های لیفتینگ


تعداد سیلندر های لیفتینگ

4 pieces

فشار سیستم هیدرولیک


ابعاد فک بالا

160*3850*2000 MM

ابعاد فک پایین

140*3850*2000 MM

ظرفیت تولیدی ماشین


مایع سیال گرم شونده




برند اقلام الکتریکی بکار رفته


پمپ هیدرولیک


شیر برقی هیدرولیک


وزن ماشین

80 tons


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