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The hot lamination press lines supplied by Mollen is a high capacity line ideal for entering, or updating the melamine press markets. The market consists of a variety of wood products, cabinets, LCD tables, and so on … Applicants these days are looking for decorative products along with the strength that the product should have which This important principle will be possible by melamine presses, decoration, facade and solidity together.



The hot press D2, as its name implies, is working to overlay the coating on the material at high temperatures. This device comes with two standard sizes of 1240 x 2440 x 1830 mm and 3660 x 1830 mm with an unconditional one-year warranty (even electronics burns). Users need to know exactly what they want, their operational process, and, of course, the location of their work environment to purchase the size appropriate to their needs. Another differences is in the number of jacks and the amount of pressure which would be according to customers needs.


Hot Press

Board Size

3660*1830 MM

Main Cylinders Diameter


Main Cylinders

12 pieces

Air Pressure

41 kg/cm^2

Main Cylinders Brand


Lifting Cylinders Diameter

125 mm

Lifting Cylinders

4 pieces

Hydraulic System Pressure

25 MPA

Upper Jaw Dimensions

160*3850*2000 MM

Lower Jaw Dimensions

140*3850*2000 MM

Production Capacity

1200 Boards

Heated Fluid




Other Electrical Parts


Hydraulic Pump


Hydraulic Valves



80 tons


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