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The MZ455JS is a sophisticated, intelligent, advanced, and superior machine in the quality of German assembly line and itS made up of 6 fully automatic stations, pre-milling, taping, head and bottom, full payment of the corrugator, paraffin and polisher and of course it could set the width from 1 to 2 MM by PLC controller The superior feature of the machine is the simultaneous operation of the pre-mill and pre-heating station of the workpiece, so that the workpiece after the payment at the pre-mill station, the temperature rises to an extent that the task of pasting the tape with more ease, and thus more precise. At the twin-engine corner, its possible to be machined with hubs, all types of parts, such as the edge of the bed, half-edges, rounded edges and tooling edges.

The speed of the device can vary between three speeds, 12, 16 and 21 meters per minute, which can be done by the touch control panel of the device with digital data. Through this touch screen, you can adjust the height of the upper jaw for the thickness of the piece and the pneumatic jacks for the tape thickness, or the angle of the polisher of the polisher station to make the highest level of work pay. The MZ450Dj has a paraffin embedded system, which, during the passage of the workpiece from this process, shimmering material is sprayed on the surface to make the best work in the polishing plant on the workpiece, and the better and cleaner output.


سرعت حرکت قطعه کار

12/16/21 M/MIN

حداقل طول قطعه کار


حداقل عرض قطعه کار

80MMبدون کرنر- 130MM باکرنر

ضخامت قطعه کار

10-55 MM Without Cornering – 10-50 With Cornering

ضخامت نوار لبه


عرض نوار لبه

15-65 MM Without Cornering – 55-15 With Cornering

فشار هوای ورودی

6-8 Bar

برق دستگاه

380V 14.5KW

ابعاد دستگاه

~7100*1100*1600 mm

وزن خالص دستگاه

~2800 KG


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