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The MZ365s machine consists of 5 automatic stations, which are MDF-bonded during the passing process. All of the parameters that characterize this device, and the quality of its components from the Siemens brand, is a machine that delivers a better quality of workpiece at the lowest possible cost. Hence, the MZ360 has become a popular machine in the wood industry.

The high level of automation of the stations reduces human intervention to the lowest possible extent, resulting in a process of human exclusion. How to perform operations, such as Adjusting width from 1 MM to 2MM by PLC adjusting the conveyor to the switch between the three speeds of 12, 16 and 21 meters per minute, can be controlled through the control panel of the device, which is a touch screen by executing programs through the PLC. The preheating system is embedded on the device, the workpieces temperature will be increased to a degree that makes bonding the tape easier to work so that the precision is higher and the work surface reaches the highest possible quality.

In the final analysis, the workpiece passes through the paraffin parachute station, at which point a shimmering material is sprayed to the surface of the work to make the final polishing of the work as clean as possible. To better understand the performance and technical specifications of the device, you can use the table listed and watch the video recorded from the device.

Feed Speed

12/16/21 M/MIN

Min Work-piece Length


Min Work-piece Width


Work-piece Thickness


PVC Thickness


PVC Width


Input Air Pressure

6-8 Bar

Input Voltage

380 V – 9.5 KW

Machine Dimension

~4150*1100*1600 mm


~2000 KG


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