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Ps102 2800c is one of the ps cutting machines family as its sibling, ps102 2800. The only difference is the wagon table mounted on this machine with 2800*375mm as its measurement. This machine is used for any modern cutting operations at different measures and different angles as the other machines of the same type. It is equipped with digital display to facilitate the complex cutting operation. The mentioned display delivers cutting settings in plain and easy-to-understand language to the users. The main saw and the line sawS angle is shown in the display digitally. digital pointing makes cutting angles even more accurate.

The main saw power and speed are 5.5 HP and 4000 to 6000RPM, respectively. These values for the line saw would be 1 HP and 9000RPM. This machines angular ability is from 0 to 45 degree. Cutting height at 45 degree and 90 degree would be 55mm and 75mm, respectively.

Machines weight is 700kg and its electricity is 220v and 50hz; in order to choose the most perfect machine for your workplace these two specifications must be considered most carefully.

ابعاد میز واگنی

375*2800~ mm

قابلیت زاویه خوری

0-45 درجه

قدر اره اصلی

5.5 HP

حداکثر قطر اره اصلی


سرعت اره اصلی

4000/6000 RPM

قدرت موتور خط زن

1 HP

حداکثر قطر اره خط زن


سرعت اره خط زن

9000 RPM

ارتفاع برش در وضعیت 90درجه


ارتفاع برش دروضعیت 45درجه


برق دستگاه

220V 50HZ

وزن دستگاه

700~ KG


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