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صنعتگر گرامی، جهت استعلام قیمت و مشاهده شرایط پرداخت باید وارد سایت شوید.

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Junior device series is a group of sliding devices that are used for cutting at different angles and sizes. These devices are supplied by mollen in two types of A and B with one year of unconditional warranty. The device we are about to introduce is a B type that its saw works manually in four directions of left, right, up and down with a digital display. The rest of the features of the device is the same as A type. These specifications are: being equipped with a clamp for better restraining of the work piece, being equipped with a rip fence for accurate adjustment of the bevel behind the saw and of course, wagon table with shoulder lock in measurement of 3200*415/3800*435 mm. it is necessary to mention that it is possible to mount a telescope hood on this device which is an option that would be done according to customer opinion.

There is a short video of cutting operation by this device in this page to help you to choose wisely the exact product of your need. Also, there is a table of this devices specifications that its most important feature is the 7.5 HP of the device. The rest of the specifications are almost as the same of the other products.

ابعاد میز واگنی

~415*3200 mm

قابلیت زاویه خوری

0-45 degrees

قدر اره اصلی

7.5 HP

حداکثر قطر اره اصلی

250-300 MM

سرعت اره اصلی

4000/6000 RPM

قدرت موتور خط زن

1 HP

حداکثر قطر اره خط زن

120 MM

سرعت اره خط زن

9000 RPM

ارتفاع برش در وضعیت 90درجه

75 MM

ارتفاع برش دروضعیت 45درجه

55 MM

برق دستگاه

380V 50HZ

وزن دستگاه

~800 Kg


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