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MDF TZ1830 is one of the machines supplied by MOLLEN to attach PVC covers on raw MDF boards. With the advancement of technology and the possibility of intelligent tools, it became possible to manufacture devices to replace manual time-consuming hard works with automatic ones. TZ1830 is one of these machines, which applied today’s technology. This machine perform covering operation with the best quality and the fastest speed by taking advantage of silicon roller and the ability of using warm and cold glue.
The device has measurement of 2100*2350*1650 mm, which can be customized in transverse measurements of 1350 and 1850 mm. the machine can attach 7 meters of cover on a MDF sheet in 1 minuet by a roller with 190 mm diameter and a panel with 1830 mm width. To gain a better understanding about the performance of this device you can study the table presented in this page. In addition, there is a video, which you can watch to buy the product of your need most consciously.

MDF TZ1830

Final Panel Width


Max Power


Machine Dimension

2100*2350*1650 mm

Roller Diameter

190 mm

Number of Metal Rollers

1 Pcs

Number of Silicon Rollers

1 Pcs


850 KG


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