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MDF s1830a is one of the most advanced machines supplied by MOLLEN in order to attach PVC covers on raw MDF boards. Advanced technology of this machine and its powerful tools made it possible to attach covers on MDF sheets with any thickness. This device has the ability to attach 25 meter of cover on MDF wood sheet in a minuet.

This machine contains six different station. Combination of these stations helps with better attachment of cover on MDF sheet. These stations are:

Automatic milling > for cleaning the board

Glue station > it works automatically > use of a metal roller and a silicon roller

Heating tunnel > to improve the attachment quality of covers

Press station > four roller > tow warm roller and tow silicon roller

Secondary press

Manual crane with 5.2 ton capacity > for relocation of cover roller

Diameter of all the rollers have been mentioned above are 190mm. Technical specifications of the device has been gathered on a table in this page for you to gain a better understanding about the product you are going to buy.


MDF S1830A

Max Power

30 KW

Machine Dimension

1650*2350*1600 mm

Number of Left Station Rollers

2 Pcs

Number of Hot Rollers

5 Pcs

Number of Cold Rollers

13 Pcs

Roller Diameter

190 mm

Number of Initial Pressing Rollers

2 Pairs

Number of Secondary Pressing Rollers

5 Pairs


6500 KG

Final Feeding Speed

25 M/MIN


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