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MDF s1830b is another machine from s1830 family, which MOLLEN is supplying to the wood industry markets with one year of unconditional warranty. It is a mid-class from s1830 and naturally has some characteristics in common with other machines in this group. These characteristics would be, automatic gluing station, dust collector system and cleaner before impregnating, and a crane in case of relocating cover rolls. However, in terms of speed, it is one level lower than s1830a so that, it would attach 14 meters of cover on MDF board in 2 minutes. Although, it should not be imagined that this machines performance is in the lower end of the range for its family because, you should consider of buying the one, which is most suitable for your line of work or otherwise, you would be purchasing for technologies that would not come on your handy.

The device has four station:

Milling station

Gluing station equipped with a metal roller and a silicon roller with 190 mm diameter

4 roller press station > 2 soft roller and 2 silicon roller > 190 mm diameter of rollers

Manual crane with 5.2 ton capacity > 1830 mm width of rollers

The rest of the characteristics of this machine is listed on a table in this page, which we recommend you to study in case of gaining a better understanding about features of it.


MDF S1830B

Final Panel Width

1830 mm

Max Power

16 KW

Machine Dimension

1000*2350*1600 mm

Number of Left Station Rollers

2 Pcs

Number of Hot Rollers

2 Pcs

Number of Cold Rollers

6 Pcs

Roller Diameter

190 mm

Number of First Pressing Rollers

4 Pairs

Max Feeding Speed

14 M/MIN


4700 KG


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