Double tray Vacuum Membrane

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اگر علاقه مند به خرید دست دوم این ماشین هستید، روی دکمه زیر کلیک کنید!

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Double-Tray vacuum press, with dimensions of 2000mm * 8500mm, is one of the products commonly used in the industry today and its function, to attach various coatings to MDF carved surfaces by removing the chamber from the air and pasting it. Pressing the veneer is filled with air pressure (vacuum). For this purpose, infrared thermal sensors are installed in the machine to accurately measure the work environment.

The device has a pressure control system that allows users to choose the amount of adhesion and press to the user. Other features of the machine are automatic or manual control systems, an anti-wrinkle system and an optional vacuum table that is electrically powered by the system. Other specifications of the device and its corresponding values can be found in the product listing table.


Double tray Vacuum

Machine Size


Effective Size

customizable up to max 290*140

Frame Function System

clamp / pneumatic

Number of Work Tables


Vacuum Pomp Type

Oil Circulation

Anti-wrinkle system



Automated / Manual

Roll Grabber

3 layer Animated roll grabber

Table Selection System to Vacuum



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