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صنعتگر گرامی، جهت استعلام قیمت و مشاهده شرایط پرداخت باید وارد سایت شوید.

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The A-105 saw sharpener may be one of the most equipped and, at the same time, the most cost-effective saw blade machines used in woodworking to sharpen diamond saws. The machine is equipped with a PLC system for controlling the device, which features on the color screen displayed on the device.

Through the panel and this screen, you can control the speed of work, sharpening, etc., but do not worry, because the purpose and quality of the machine is such that these seemingly sophisticated capabilities provides the user with the easiest way possible.

The machine has the ability to completely and automatically align the diamonds left and right, just changing the adjustment from the sharpening mode to the left and right of it manually.

The cabin mounted on the machine makes it possible for the machine to be fitted with a fluid chassis monitoring system, which brings a very low abrasion fluid, high precision and cools the diamond.

In addition to reading the explanations given, we suggest that you look closely at the table of technical specifications of the machine on this page and look at the values assigned to each of them to find out how to adapt this device to meet your needs. The video is also provided with a description of the deviceS function, which will be added to your information by viewing it and will help you choose the exact device.




قطر تیغه اره

100-500 MM

قطر سوراخ


گام دنده


قطرسنگ سنباده

125 MM

حداکثر زاویه مماس


زاویه تراش مورب

-100 to +300

زاویه برش

-180 to +45

حداکثر ضخامت تیغه


حداکثر امتداد برش


نحوه انجام مراحل


نیروی محرکه محورها

Mechanical, Gearbox Motor

نوع کنترلر


مایع خنک کننده

Lathe water

برق ورودی


وزن دستگاه

300 KG


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