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Groove and Tenon SDC-SC3-1200 CNC is an advanced and intelligent machine, with three axles and 3 spindles each with a power of 2.2 kW and a total power of 10 horsepower for creating various types of grooves and shapes and edges are used in the furniture industry. The three axes that make up this device give the user options to create various geometric shapes at the edges of the wood, from an ellipse and circular to square and rectangular. The speed of the spindles on the machine is 18000 rpm and the distance between them is 200 mm. The machine uses three servomotors with a power of 1 kilowatt, which increases the accuracy and speed of the work.

By providing the desired work schedule, the machine can produce the desired forms, which makes it a good choice for the factories or workshops with high production rates. The main use of this device in the furniture industry and decoration is to connect the pieces of work together and their working structure




ابعاد کورس محور X


ابعاد کورس محور Y


ابعاد کورس محور Z


فاصله بین اسپیندل ها


سرعت اسپیندل


توان اسپیندل

3 * 2.2 KW

تعداد سرو موتور و توان

3 * 1.0 KW

قدرت کل

10 HP

ورودی مکنده غبار

100MM * 2 Pcs

ابعاد دستگاه

~200*2000*1900 MM


1420 KGS


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