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Moulder machines, as you may know, are meant to carve four face of woods. MN523UE is one of the most advanced and equipped Moulder machines which Mollen imported to the wood industry markets of the country, recently. It is able to carve in four face, lumbering, and producing any kind of wooden frames in one automatic stage. The machine has 5 tube to operate on top, bottom, left, and right and finally, on the whole of the working piece (universal engine). It contains a central lubricant and feedforward system; also, has the advantage of adjusting working speed between 6 to 12 Mps. One its features is to be equipped with dust collector cover which collects the dust produced from carving operation and prevent it from spreading in work space.



قدرت موتور نقاله


قدرت موتور بالا

5/5 KW

قدرت موتور راست

4 KW

قدرت موتور پایین

4 KW

قدرت موتور یونیورسال

4 KW


8 kw

سیستم روغن رسانی مرکزی


توان مصرفی

30 KW

برق ورودی


وزن ماشین

~2600 KG

ابعاد ماشین

~4300*1500*1550 mm

پهنای کار

20-230 MM

ضخامت کار

8-120 MM

سرعت کار

6/12 M/MIN

تعداد توپی ها


قدرت زاویه خوری موتور پنجم


قدرت شفت موتورها

40 MM

سرعت دوران توپی ها



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