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The above-mentioned production line uses the Automatic Gauge (PUR) system.
Feeding High-glass rolls is automatic.
This roll press incorporates automatic machine gluing system.
It has a dust collector and a hot air channel.
With hot and cold press rollers.
The ability to produce 2000 boards per day

The high glass pur1300 coating machine is an advanced device equipped with fully automatic stations, which has a significant capacity of 2000 boards per day. The automatic stations of the machine, including the gluing station are operated by circulating oil ceramic rollers, dust collector system and hot air duct, hot and cold press rollers. The important thing about this machine is that it has the ability to attach the new generation of acrylics covers; the sleek and thick coatings that are used today at the top of the furniture industry and the interior design of the building. The pur extension in the name of the device is due to the use of the automatic glue system. It should be noted that, according to the customers order, the automatic cutting system can be installed on the machine.

Similar to other Mollen products and line-of-sight, the Glass Coating Line also has an unconditional one-year warranty. For a better understanding of the device functionality for those who want to buy this machine, we placed a video of how the operations are performed and a list of the technical specifications of the machine in this page, which you can take a more deliberate choice to purchase the device.



اندازه میز

1350*190 mm

حداقل طول کار

600 mm

حداکثر پهنای کار

1220 mm

ضخامت کار

1.5-30 mm

سرعت تغذیه

2-18 M/MIN


35 KW

توان گرمایش

20 KW

حداکثر پهنای کاغذ

1280 mm

ابعاد دستگاه

1500*1900*12970 mm

قطر غلطک پرس

380 mm

قطر غلطک چسب

280 mm

وزن دستگاه

8000 KG


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