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Wb99 is an advanced elite machine, which MOLLEN is supplying to the wood industry markets with one year of unconditional warranty. As you can see in group description, this machine replaced manual wood piercing instead with an automatic, fast, accurate, and free from human mistakes operation.

Wb99 is equipped with a ruler in order to axis could be placed on work piece more accurately. The device has the ability to pierce at horizontal and vertical axis and it can operate diagonally. It can pierce 4 meters of work piece in one minuet, but this speed can be changed through the menu of device panel. The machine is presented in measurements of 1160*2000*3460 mm along a table with 1300*2500 mm length. 8kw power and +_0.05 mm accuracy are other specifications of this device.



طول میز

2500*1300 mm

ابعاد کلی دستگاه

3460*2000*1160 mm

سرعت انجام کار

4 m/min

توان لیزر

+-0.05 mm

فرمت های تحت پشتیبانی



8 kw


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