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W100 is a machine supplied by MOLLEN, which is capable of creating round or quadrangle holes in order to fit the joints on the wood. This machine can create holes in two vertical and horizontal ways by drills mounted on two horizontal and vertical planes, which its horizontal axis can move from 0 to 90 degrees in order to create angles. Digital ruler is embedded on device in order to axis find the way more accurately. Wb100 can be equipped to a touch screen. This option is customizable according to customers order. Touch Screen make it possible to control operations like selecting the desired drill, axis angle for creating holes, and depth of drill penetration; all by PLC. Its operation is designed to be as understandable as possible and by displaying information on the device; you can completely get into the operating schedule of the it.

Power, length, and measurements of the device is gathered along other specifications in a table for you in order to compare it your needs. It is important to consider all the characteristics of the machine to ensure it befit your workplace.



طول میز

2500*1300 mm

ابعاد کلی دستگاه

3460*2000*1160 mm

سرعت انجام کار

4 m/min

توان لیزر

130 w, 150 w

فرمت های تحت پشتیبانی



8 kw


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