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The SSM-120 Tenon machine is an advanced, professional, CNC controlled system that uses 5 axes to create various types of connections and Tenon. Multiple device options, the accuracy and speed of its operation, almost every kind of Tenon and connection, depending on the shape and angle, according to the customers need. Of the five axes of the machine, the three Y, A, C axles utilize 0.75 kilowatts of propulsion power, but this amount is one kilowatts for A, Z axes. The device is equipped with two separate spindles, the first spindle power of 7.5 kW and the second spindle power of 1.5 kW. The clamp holding the work-piece, the square drill, the cutter for carving (2) is another feature of this machine. All the features of this device make it a popular machine for use in the furniture industry, decoration and wood industry

تعداد محور حرکت

5 Axis

قدرت اسپیندل 1

7.5 KW

قدرت اسپیندل 2

1.5 KW

سرو محور X

1 KW

سرو محور y

0.75 KW

سرو محور C

0.75 KW

سرو محور A

0.75 KW

سرو محور Z

1 KW

ُسرعت اسپیندل

18000 R/MIN

ماکزیمم سایز زبانه کاری


کلمپ نگه دارنده قطعه کار


فشار هوای ورودی

0/6 MPA


380 V

تعداد تیغه اره

1 PC

تعداد مته مربعی

1 Pcs

تعداد کاتر خراطی (تراشیدن)

2 Pcs


1850*1800*2400 mm


6160 KG


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