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The SDQ06-P4L2 is a sanding machine that can be used with disk sanding and tubes equipped with them, both in a single piece and in a multi-piece operation, on a wide range of wooden and MDF items. The device uses a control panel, which can be used to adjust the devices characters, such as the speed of the conveyor, which varies between 1 and 7 meters per minute.

The technical specifications of the machine, such as the width of the desktop, the thickness of the swarf collecting tool, the specifications of the emery, and the general specifications of the machine, such as weight, the dimensions of the machine are listed in the table to gain the complete knowledge about the machine.



845 mm

Work Table Size

20-650 mm

Sanding Thickness

10-150 mm

Conveyor Speed

1-7 M/MIN

Disk Sandings

4*130*4 mm

Rolling Sandings

220*320*650 mm




3.7 KW

Machine Dimensions

~2500*1200*1600 mm


1000 kg


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