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چنانچه در گرفتن استعلام قیمت به مشکل برخوردید این فیلم آموزشی را مشاهده نمایید.

اگر علاقه مند به خرید دست دوم این ماشین هستید، روی دکمه زیر کلیک کنید!

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The Planer blades sharpener machine is a compact, cost-effective, yet precise device that provides users with easy controls and settings. The sharp razor blade, for sharpening the razor blade, guillotine razor, gravel, scissors, braid and … in different sizes and sizes, and the feedback customers have given to this device, it turns out that the machine itself performs well and sharps the blades sharply.

The machine is equipped with a water softening liquid spray system that prevents wear and provides a cleaner, more sharp output. The speed of the machines operation varies and can be changed by the user, as well as the type of rotation of the rocks.



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