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The eb111 sticky edge machine is the third device of the eb family, which is provided by MOLLEN with an unconditional unrivaled warranty to the domestic and foreign timber industry. The device group is an economical device for performance and weight and size that is most suitable for cabinet and cabinet workshops, rather than for the production line of large wood mills. This machine has more automation and advanced features than the other two machines in the family. These features are arranged in the list below to be able to make the most informed choice on the device with a sticky edge.

One of the best advantages of this machine is the ability to paste edges and grind them on the curved sides, fully automatic. The next feature of the machine is the speed of the work of 4 meters per minute, which, as its appearance suggests, is able to paste the 4 meters of workpiece per minute. General features of the device are among the points that should not be left out of the technical features. Keep in mind that purchasing these machines should take into account more space than the dimensions of the machine for its placement, so that work pieces and finishing work can easily fit into the machine.


سرعت حرکت قطعه کار


حداقل طول قطعه کار


حداقل عرض قطعه کار


ضخامت قطعه کار


ضخامت نوار لبه


عرض نوار لبه


فشار هوای ورودی

6-8 Bar

برق دستگاه

380 V – 9.5 KW

ابعاد دستگاه

1600*1100*3100 mm

وزن خالص دستگاه

1150 KG


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