Lift Press Vacuum

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Lift press vacuums are used in the wood industry to press laminates on MDF sheets. This device takes its name from the press operation by the head of the device, which acts as an elevator up and down. From vacuum presses, lifts can be used to cover all types of cut and finished MDF parts, from doors and cabinets to the chest of drawers and computer desk and bed. The veneering on this machine comes with a way to empty the MDF container and the air veneer, and the compression followed by the absence of air (vacuum) and the english name vacuum comes from this.

Touch screen for controlling sending commands with the ability to store over 50 simultaneous programs, equipped with infrared to accurately measure the ambient temperature, push pressure control system, anti-wrinkle system and control system both automatically and manually are some of the capabilities of this model of lift press vacuum.


Lift Press Vacuum

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