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Machine Edge Banding Model MZ-486jk

Edge Banding MZ-486jk

The MZ486JK is perhaps the most advanced and equipped device currently used by modern woodworking factories. The machine has multiple stations, equipped with all-in-one, which provides a tangible difference between this device and other edge products. The machine stations are: 


JET GLUE Station 


Pre-milling station 


Paste the bar 


Upside-down saw 


Milling the initial payment 


Full payment 


First double-engine corner | Last double-engine corner 


First round mill | Second round mill | Flat mill 


Paraffin spray 


Primary Pneumatic Polishing | Finishing Pneumatic Polishing 


All the functionality of these stations produces an output that may be the best output in the edge-loading process of the tape. The machine has a Jet Glue station that can reduce the speed of preparation for 7 minutes. Four rounds of scraps and two flat scaffolds embedded in the machine, in the best and most accurate way possible, slow down the work piece from the molded side of the strip, peel off and uniformly, and remove excess adhesive from the piece. 


The dual holder station allows the device to simultaneously have two edge bars ready for use. After spraying the sparkling material through paraffin, the workpiece at polisher station is paid, which have the ability to adjust the angle through the touch screen control panel of the device. Adjusting the angle makes it possible to get the best level of pay in the final payment. 


Up and down jacks, adjusting the speed of the conveyor between the three speeds of 12, 20 and 26 meters per minutes, adjusting the pneumatic tape thickness, all with ease of use and digital data, are adjustable through the touch screen of the control panel. Other features The machines prime can be automated meter readings, pre-heating of the workpiece, corners with a speed of 26m/min, changing the thickness of the edge bar from 1mm to 2mm, and changing the cutting, and attaching the edge strip to the parts with a width of 6cm. 



We suggest you see the product specifications and video bellow for a better understanding of the device. 

Technical Specifications Edge Banding MZ-486jk

  • Model
  • mz486jk PVC edgebander
  • work piece speed
  • 12-16-21M/MIN
  • min length of work piece
  • 120MM
  • min width of work piece
  • 80 MM without corner , 130 M with coner
  • work piece width
  • 10-55 MM without corner , 10-50 M with coner
  • air pressure
  • 6-8
  • machine electricity
  • 380V 11.5KW
  • machine size
  • 1750*1150*1900 MM
  • net weight
  • 2800KG

Video clips for Edge Banding MZ-486jk

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