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CNC machines from the optima series are the most equipped and advanced CNC machines that are distributed and supplied by Mollen to the active market for wood and metal industries in the country. Combining many of the fea ... Optima1325

Machine abzar saz cnc Model MF-223C

abzar saz cnc MF-223C

The MF-223C is a series of new devices from the MF Group, which was recently introduced by Mollen to the countrys woodworking industry. The use of this machine in blade sharpening and automatic tool making, which is capable of making and sharpening various blades, such as Mulder blades, CNC tools, grate, and blade shapes. the cutting length of the machine is 30mm and its angular ability is 45 degree.This device is distributed in the dimensions of 1280 * 1000 * 1380 mm, which, like other products, uses an unconditional one-year warranty even when its components are broken.

Technical Specifications abzar saz cnc MF-223C


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