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Machine Blade Sharpening Model MF-256

Blade Sharpening MF-256

The MF-256 is modern sharpener with easy access and automatic process that can sharp a vast range of blades such as guillotine and grate an etc. in order of client needs. these machines are available is apporiximate size of 1300*620*1170mm and weight of 176kg which are supplied by Mollen with one year of unconditional warranty, even in case of components burning. technical chracteristics of the machine, like engine power, water pressure, and driver motor; and chracteritics of machines stone like speed and its rotation are listed in the table below.

Technical Specifications Blade Sharpening MF-256

  • Model
  • MF-256
  • engine power
  • 1.5 W
  • driver motor power
  • 60 W
  • stone chracteristics
  • 32*125*50MM CALATHIFORM
  • Working course length
  • 700 MM
  • stone rotation speed
  • 2800 R/MIN
  • angular rotation
  • 0-90
  • back and forth speed
  • 6M/MIN
  • size
  • 1170*620*1300MM
  • weight
  • 176 KG
  • water pressure power
  • 40W

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