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Machine Wood Painting Line Model SPD-2500C

Wood Painting Line SPD-2500C

SPD-2500C is an advanced and intelligent machine used for splashing paint on doors or other wooden products. it uses 2 painting gun and gun cleaner for the process. these technologies and other machines specifications give the user a high quality process, painting of all the angles, with high accuracy and high speed. this device paints 6 sides of the work piece Simultaneously. it brings higher quality and higher work speed and most important, it reduces mistakes in compare to human work. it reduces costs and increses the workshop efficiency.
The constituent features of this device are: a touch screen controller (control panel) that can be sent, configured, or controlled, the CNC 5-axis system for the color quality of the surface edges, and motorized axes with dustproof covers.


touch screen

automatic work table

5 axles automatic CNC

drive axles consisting of Anti-color and dust

Technical Specifications Wood Painting Line SPD-2500C

  • model
  • SPD-2500C
  • max door dimension
  • 1000 * 2400 MM
  • max door weight
  • 40 KG
  • power
  • 3.55 KW
  • interior air pressure
  • 0.5-0.8 MPA
  • dimenssions
  • 5300 * 3250 * 2500 MM
  • weight
  • ~2200 KG
  • painting gun
  • 2
  • gun cleaner
  • 1

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