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CNC Machine Optima1325
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This machine is the last and equipped model of CNC that we product. Optima has a high ability and accuracy for working. Optima also can carry 8 tools changer simultaneously that is very good for Mosaic designs and even f ... Optima1325

Machine sanding Model SDT10-PPPLL

sanding SDT10-PPPLL

The SDT10-PPPLL Sanding Machine is an automatic machine fitted with CNC technology. Sometimes your hand is working on the piece to enjoy its surface and shape, but it sees some levels of hard work and some other levels of smooth. There is only one way that can make that sense uniform, its a professional sanding on the workpiece. The SDT10-PPPLL device, with its advanced technology, delivers the ability to have countless pieces with smooth and even surfaces.

The swarf collecting speed between 1 to 10 m / min and the cutting speed between 5 to 150 mm can be changed, which can be adjusted using the control panel of the machine. These values are 0 to 100 mm for the width of the worktable, and the minimum length is 400 mm

Technical Specifications sanding SDT10-PPPLL

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