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Machine Edge Banding Model EB101

Edge Banding EB101

The eb101 sticky edge comes from the eb-group edging group, which is provided by MOLLEN to the domestic and foreign timber industry with an unconditional one-year warranty. The advantage of the eb devices is their cost-effectiveness compared to the performance that they bring to the user. The device uses a head satier so that it can be used to cut off the additions of MDF-tied strips to the smartmachine and give it the value you want to use to cut off the additions. Another advantage of the machine is to make a final and up-and-down milling machine. 



It is important to purchase a sticky edge device, considering its numerous specifications. Hence, we brought together a list of these features to help you get the most out of your device. The most basic feature to be taken into consideration is the weight and dimensions of the machine to determine if it is appropriate to the location of your workplace. Other technical specifications such as width, thickness, and radius of the edge are visible with the values that are assigned to them in the table

Technical Specifications Edge Banding EB101

Model EB 101
Thickness of edge banding 0.4-3 MM
Width of edge banding 10-50 MM
Beam of edge banding >20 MM
Speed 3-17 M/MIN
Power 1.5 Kw 380V  50Hz
Machine Size 1100*850*1000
Net Weight 170 Kg


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