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This machine is the last and equipped model of CNC that we product. Optima has a high ability and accuracy for working. Optima also can carry 8 tools changer simultaneously that is very good for Mosaic designs and even f ... Optima1325

Machine UV coating Model سه میل پرینتی

UV coating سه میل پرینتی

The launch of the UV production line by Mollen has various stations that direct the work piece to the coating process. These stations include auto-wrapping machines, UV (ultraviolet) drying, and gluing stations. Printing is done by the printer station, and then the carrier bridges act as a path between the printer and the dryer. The materials on which the coating or printing operation is applied are dried at the high-temperature drying station, which is emitted by ultraviolet light bulbs. After that, the pieces are stored in the cars automatic carriage to be assembled together.

The use and characteristics of the UV machine produced by Mollen with a one-year warranty:

Easy installation, full automatic control of transportation and cleaning

Pneumatic cleaning to prevent damage to parts

Engines embedded in the device composed of cores with the hoghest power of superior technology

Machines way of operating the procedures is based on parameters passed by the user panel to the device to start the process according to the technical specification. All specifications of the device and its technical values are summarized in the table you are viewing

Technical Specifications UV coating سه میل پرینتی

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