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CNC Machine Optima1325
The proposed product Mollen

This machine is the last and equipped model of CNC that we product. Optima has a high ability and accuracy for working. Optima also can carry 8 tools changer simultaneously that is very good for Mosaic designs and even f ... Optima1325

Machine Elite And Multi Boring Model WB106

Elite And Multi Boring WB106

In this machine, the gear of the drill is guided directly by a motor

It has the capability of rotation in gear from 0 to 90

easy and confident proficiency

Technical Specifications Elite And Multi Boring WB106

WB. 106 Model
32 mm Distance Between The Drills
130 Drills
Ф 35 mm The maximum diameter of the hole
60 mm The maximum thickness of the panel
2450 mm The maximum width of the panel
250 mm The Minimumwidth of the panel
250 m/min Speed ​​of advance work
11.8 Kw 380 V 50 Hz Power
0.8 ~ 0.6 Mpa Pneumatically
1600 * 3950* 2800 Machine Size
Box of Matta
2 Horizontal
2 * 4 Vertical
2200 Kg Net Weight


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