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CNC machines from the optima series are the most equipped and advanced CNC machines that are distributed and supplied by Mollen to the active market for wood and metal industries in the country. Combining many of the fea ... Optima1325

Machine Elite And Multi Boring Model WB106

Elite And Multi Boring WB106

In this machine, the gear of the drill is guided directly by a motor

It has the capability of rotation in gear from 0 to 90

easy and confident proficiency

Technical Specifications Elite And Multi Boring WB106

WB. 106 Model
32 mm Distance Between The Drills
130 Drills
Ф 35 mm The maximum diameter of the hole
60 mm The maximum thickness of the panel
2450 mm The maximum width of the panel
250 mm The Minimumwidth of the panel
250 m/min Speed ​​of advance work
11.8 Kw 380 V 50 Hz Power
0.8 ~ 0.6 Mpa Pneumatically
1600 * 3950* 2800 Machine Size
Box of Matta
2 Horizontal
2 * 4 Vertical
2200 Kg Net Weight


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