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Machine Sliding Table Model PS103-3200

Sliding Table PS103-3200

Ps103 3200 is another sliding machine from ps family which mollen company has been supplying to the industrial market with one year of unconditional warranty. This machine has the same specifics of its family machines. Digital display with the ability to show the main saw and the line saw angle, and rip fence for adjusting the bevel behind the saw and the clamp to restrain the MDF board are the specifics worth to be mentioned. This machines difference from others is its 7.5 HP. Other specifications such as: speed, power of line saw, angular ability and cutting height in 45 and 90 degrees are the same as other machines.


This sliding machine has wagon table with shoulder lock in measurement of 3200*375 mm. the point needed to be mentioned is that in single-phase corporate models, the main saw power is 5.5 HP. Since considering all of the specifications of the machine might not be enough to introduce the product for Enthusiasts, we have provided a short video of machines functionality, which you can watch in this page.

Technical Specifications Sliding Table PS103-3200

  • model
  • ps103 3200
  • table measurement
  • 3200*375 mm
  • angular ability
  • 0-45
  • main saw power
  • 7.5 HP
  • main saw max diameter
  • 250-300mm
  • main saw speed
  • 4000/6000 RPM
  • line saw power
  • 1HP
  • line saw max diameter
  • 120mm
  • line saw speed
  • 9000RPM
  • cutting height at 90 degree
  • 75mm
  • cutting height at 45 degree
  • 55mm
  • machine's electricity
  • 380V 50HZ
  • machine's weight
  • 750kg

Video clips for Sliding Table PS103-3200

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