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Machine Dust collector Model تک-قلو

Dust collector تک-قلو

In order to collect and clean the environment in factories, pollutants that spread to the workplace, cause damage to staff and reduce the speed and efficiency of work, powerful suckers are designed to take on the task. Industrial sucker pa200 is a sucker produced and supplied by MOLLEN to do the same. 



With a power of over 2 horsepower, it has the ability to absorb particulate matter on the ground and hover in the air. The important point to consider when purchasing an industrial sucker is its capacity to collect, with a capacity of 3100 cubic meters, which has the capacity to accommodate large amounts of sawdust and particles. The starter and step key, which is embedded in the device, allows users to control the start and stop of the device. The device has a single-phase power input, but the extraordinary feature embedded in it is that by pushing a button, you can turn the three-phase electricity into single-phase and vice versa. 

Technical Specifications Dust collector تک-قلو

  • Model
  • pa200 dust collector
  • motor power
  • 2HP
  • Suction capacity
  • 3100 cube meters
  • input
  • single phase
  • weight
  • 60 kg

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