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CNC machines from the optima series are the most equipped and advanced CNC machines that are distributed and supplied by Mollen to the active market for wood and metal industries in the country. Combining many of the fea ... Optima2040

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Tenon Machine

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Tenon Model SSM-120

The SSM-120 Tenon machine is an advanced, professional, CNC controlled system that uses 5 axes to create various types of connections and Tenon. Multiple device options, the accuracy and speed of its operation, almost ev ...

Tenon Machine SSM-120...
Tenon Model HP-EMA-300

To create the edges of the pedestal and the pins, to continue the workpiece and to tighten and tighten more precisely, as well as tightening and fastening the boards and wooden boards and MDF are used. ...

Tenon Machine HP-EMA-300...
Tenon Model SDS-140CM

The wood Tenon CNC machine is a device, which can debug and give different angles to the wood for placement and connection inside each other. The device has an angle of 0 to 45 degrees and the maximum size of the Tenon c ...

Tenon Machine SDS-140CM...
Tenon AmolBoresh Co .
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