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CNC Machine Optima1325
The proposed product Mollen

CNC machines from the optima series are the most equipped and advanced CNC machines that are distributed and supplied by Mollen to the active market for wood and metal industries in the country. Combining many of the fea ... Optima1325

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MDF Laminating Machine

All models MDF Laminating devices MOLLEN Company

MDF Laminating Model S1830A

MDF s1830a is one of the most advanced machines supplied by MOLLEN in order to attach PVC covers on raw MDF boards. Advanced technology of this machine and its powerful tools made it possible to attach covers on MDF sheets with any thickness. This device has the ability to attach 25 meter of cover o ...

MDF Laminating Machine S1830A...
MDF Laminating Model S1830B

  MDF s1830b is another machine from s1830 family, which MOLLEN is supplying to the wood industry markets with one year of unconditional warranty. It is a mid-class from s1830 and naturally has some characteristics in common with other machines in this group. These characteristics would be, au ...

MDF Laminating Machine S1830B...
MDF Laminating Model S1830C

MDF s1830c is the most cost effective and the simplest machine in comparison to other two devices in this family, which MOLLEN is supplying to the wood industry market with one year of unconditional warranty. Difference of this device is in its speed, which attach 7 meters of cover on MDF sheets in ...

MDF Laminating Machine S1830C...
MDF Laminating Model TZ1830

MDF tz1830 is one of the machines supplied by MOLLEN to attach PVC covers on raw MDF boards. With the advancement of technology and the possibility of intelligent tools, it became possible to manufacture devices to replace manual time-consuming hard works with automatic ones. Tz1830 is one of these ...

MDF Laminating Machine TZ1830...
MDF_Melanizatione_And_Laminating MOLLEN Co .
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