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CNC Machine Optima1325
The proposed product Mollen

This machine is the last and equipped model of CNC that we product. Optima has a high ability and accuracy for working. Optima also can carry 8 tools changer simultaneously that is very good for Mosaic designs and even f ... Optima1325

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Computer panel saw Machine

All models Computer panel saw devices MOLLEN Company

Computer panel saw Model MJ6238B

Computer Panel Saw  MJ6238B ...

Computer panel saw Machine MJ6238B...
Computer panel saw Model MJ6238J

This computer panel saw have high speed and average pusher`s speed and also it has a touch screen that applied with cutting arranging software that can increase the speed and accuracy of cutting automatically. also it should be mentioned that we can install on MJ6238JS model all of its electeric pa ...

Computer panel saw Machine MJ6238J...
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