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CNC Machine Optima2040
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CNC machines from the optima series are the most equipped and advanced CNC machines that are distributed and supplied by Mollen to the active market for wood and metal industries in the country. Combining many of the fea ... Optima2040

Sliding Table
Sliding Table machine : PHANTOM-3800
Sliding Table machine Model PHANTOM-3800

Phantom sliding is a state-of-the-art device equipped with the most advanced technologies used in wood cutting industry which is supplied by MOLLEN with a year of warranty and can be bought in cash or on conditions. This sliding has a touch screen which provides ease of access to settings and choice ...

Edge Banding
Edge Banding machine : QUEEN5
Edge Banding machine Model QUEEN5

QUEEN 5 is an advanced machine for edgebanding on various kinds of wood products. it consists of 4 automatic station which makes the PVC cover attachment on the work piece, perfect and with high quality. at first the work piece pass through the glue station. at the next station additional covers wou ...

Moulder machine : MN523UE
Moulder machine Model MN523UE

Moulder machines, as you may know, are meant to carve four face of woods. MN523UE is one of the most advanced and equipped Moulder machines which Mollen imported to the wood industry markets of the country, recently. It is able to carve in four face, lumbering, and producing any kind of wooden frame ...

CNC Lathe
CNC Lathe machine : GALA1500-2Axis
CNC Lathe machine Model GALA1500-2Axis

The GALA1500-2Axis machine, a CNC 4-blade machine with milling, directional, engraving and machining of a variety of geometric shapes, has been recently introduced by Mollen to the countrys woodworking industry with a one-year warranty. The up-to-date components, systems, and device equipment make i ...

CNC machine : ROTARY
CNC machine Model ROTARY

ROTARI CNC is an advanced machine, equipped with full automated systems that is used for engarving and woodcarving. all the automatic systems of the machine and its other specifications made woodcarving so easy to perform on any form of work piece with the lowest possible errors. automatic intellige ...

Tenon machine : SDS-140CM
Tenon machine Model SDS-140CM

The wood Tenon CNC machine is a device, which can debug and give different angles to the wood for placement and connection inside each other. The device has an angle of 0 to 45 degrees and the maximum size of the Tenon can be 140 x 80 MM. The power of the spindle is 5 horsepower, with the power of t ...

CNC Tool Maker
CNC Tool Maker machine : MF-223C
CNC Tool Maker machine Model MF-223C

The MF-223C is a series of new devices from the MF Group, which was recently introduced by Mollen to the countrys woodworking industry. The use of this machine in blade sharpening and automatic tool making, which is capable of making and sharpening various blades, such as Mulder blades, CNC tools, g ...

Wood Painting Line
Wood Painting Line machine : SPD-2500C
Wood Painting Line machine Model SPD-2500C

SPD-2500C is an advanced and intelligent machine used for splashing paint on doors or other wooden products. it uses 2 painting gun and gun cleaner for the process. these technologies and other machines specifications give the user a high quality process, painting of all the angles, with high accura ...

Workshop Sanding
Workshop Sanding machine : SXP-X1
Workshop Sanding machine Model SXP-X1

SXP sanding Machines are a group of workshop machines whose quality and performance are similar to each other, But in power, the size of the emery belt and the dimensions are different, so that the customer can choose one of these machines based on the purpose and operational process. easy usage h ...

Sanding machine : SDQ06-P4L2
Sanding machine Model SDQ06-P4L2

The SDQ06-P4L2 is a sanding machine that can be used with disk sanding and tubes equipped with them, both in a single piece and in a multi-piece operation, on a wide range of wooden and MDF items. The device uses a control panel, which can be used to adjust the devices characters, such as the speed ...

Tenon machine : HP-EMA-300
Tenon machine Model HP-EMA-300

To create the edges of the pedestal and the pins, to continue the workpiece and to tighten and tighten more precisely, as well as tightening and fastening the boards and wooden boards and MDF are used. ...

Seat Mortising
Seat Mortising machine : SDC-SC3-1200
Seat Mortising machine Model SDC-SC3-1200

Groove and Tenon SDC-SC3-1200 CNC is an advanced and intelligent machine, with three axles and 3 spindles each with a power of 2.2 kW and a total power of 10 horsepower for creating various types of grooves and shapes and edges are used in the furniture industry. The three axes that make up this dev ...

Tenon machine : SSM-120
Tenon machine Model SSM-120

The SSM-120 Tenon machine is an advanced, professional, CNC controlled system that uses 5 axes to create various types of connections and Tenon. Multiple device options, the accuracy and speed of its operation, almost every kind of Tenon and connection, depending on the shape and angle, according to ...

Silded Scalper
Silded Scalper machine : SDX-SX2-1500
Silded Scalper machine Model SDX-SX2-1500

Double-sided CNC linear milling machine can be used on both sides of wood, four-shear tools, and a variety of geometric and non-geometric shapes that are often used in the furniture industry.   The number of roller blades and sand blades can be added according to customer requirements.   ...

Strip Saw
Strip Saw machine : SDJ-1200CNC
Strip Saw machine Model SDJ-1200CNC

Using CNC control, you can cut all kinds of wood and board with the desired shape and with a high precision and speed for use in the furniture industry and the production of banana trays and so on.   As well as the ability to optimize operations to prevent cutting lesions. ...

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Amol Machinery is working in the field of manufacturing and importing machines like :

CNC milling For Wood and Metal - Chainsaw sharpener - blade Sharpening - Special machines - edge banding - CNC Cutting machine - roll forming machine - boring machine (Elite) - vacuum press - automatic carwashing machine - panel saw sliding table machine - CNC and melamine production line - profiles and other branded in MOLLEN . sharpening machine

Sharpening Machine

Special Terms of Sale

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MDF Laminating Machine

MDF Laminating Machine Model S1830A

MDF Laminating Machine  Model S1830A

MDF s1830a is one of the most advanced machines supplied by MOLLEN in order to attach PVC covers on raw MDF boards. Advanced technology of this machine and its powerful tools made it possible to attach covers on MDF sheets with an ...

MDF Laminating Machine S1830A ...
Higlass Coating Machine

Higlass Coating Machine Model رول-پرس

Higlass Coating Machine  Model رول-پرس

The above-mentioned production line uses the Automatic Gauge (PUR) system.Feeding Higlass rolls is automatic.  This roll press incorporates automatic machine gluing system.It has a dust collector and a hot air channel.With ho ...

Higlass Coating Machine رول-پرس ...
Edge Banding Machine

Edge Banding Machine Model MZ450DJ

Edge Banding Machine  Model MZ450DJ

The MZ450Dj is a sophisticated, intelligent, advanced, and superior machine in the quality of German assembly line and its made up of 6 fully automatic stations, pre-milling, taping, head and bottom, full payment of the corrugator ...

Edge Banding Machine MZ450DJ ...
Sharpening Machine

Sharpening Machine Model A109

Sharpening Machine  Model A109

With the proven performance of CNC technology in wood industry, this technology has opened its way to other operational processes on wood. The A-109CNC, like the extensions on it, is a machine combined with CNC technology to give ...

Sharpening Machine A109 ...
Computer panel saw Machine

Computer panel saw Machine Model OMEGA

Computer panel saw Machine  Model OMEGA

The Omega Panel can be one of the most advanced machines made for use in the wood industry. Making this machine with the best electronic and mechanical brands makes it one of the most quality panels. Electric appliance, PLC and it ...

Computer panel saw Machine OMEGA ...
Vacuum And Memberan Press Machine

Vacuum And Memberan Press Machine Model دو سینی

Vacuum And Memberan Press Machine  Model دو سینی

Double-Tray vacuum press, with dimensions of 2000mm * 8500mm, is one of the products commonly used in the industry today and its function, to attach various coatings to MDF carved surfaces by removing the chamber from the air and ...

Vacuum And Memberan Press Machine دو سینی ...
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